lossThe death of a loved one…

Getting over the death of a loved one takes a lot longer that most people imagine.  Up until the funeral there is often so much to arrange and sort out that you are carried along by it all.  Sometimes the funeral itself helps to bring home the reality of what has happened, though, for many people it can be an additional ordeal. We all grieve in different ways: some show their sorrow very openly while others bottle it up, but it is still there. Grieving does not begin or end with the funeral service.


Churchyard regulations are different to those which govern civil cemeteries.  So if you are planning to have a memorial in the churchyard it is important to find out what these regulations are before you choose any design, lettering or type of stone. Existing memorials also do not set a precedent. The local stonemasons all have copies of the current regulations but please feel free to consult the Vicar.  Early consultation helps to avoid disappointment and upset for everyone.


For details of the fees please contact the church office.


St Andrew’s have a useful Bereavement Support leaflet to help those who are recently bereaved.

Our bereavement team organises a service each year in November to remember loved ones before God and the team regularly visit those who have been bereaved..