Sundays at St Andrew's 

Super Jesus Club is the name for our events with children on Sunday mornings during Church. The children are with the adults for 15 minutes before moving to the Stable Rooms for their own exciting programme. We now have dedicated groups for 0-11 years olds so all children can be left with the SJ Club team whenever possible and practical.

A snapshot of SJ Club | Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

On Sunday 11 September, we remembered and celebrated the life and faith of Queen Elizabeth II. We wrote and drew prayers for her, King Charles and the Royal family. We talked about how she was a wonderful example how to live your life for Jesus and serve others.

Prayers for Queen Elizabeth, King Charles and the Royal Family

Our Mission

Our common purpose

To nurture and disciple children in their faith so that they come to know Jesus as their saviour, Lord and forever friend, following the Jesus' trail every day and drawing others to walk it with them.

What we do

We usually start with all the children together for a time of singing, praising, challenges, birthdays and hearing the bible story. This is followed by either; time in age groups for age appropriate chat and activities or a chance to choose from a variety of activities/zones that suits the way that each child would like to respond. We aim to enable the children to have meaningful and memorable encounters with God and to encourage the children to think about bible stories and scripture for themselves, asking questions and finding meaning, developing their own spiritual toolkit as we ride the Jesus trail together.

We regularly have a shorter session so that we can join in with Holy Communion, the meal that Jesus taught us to share together to remember him.

On the second Sunday of each month starting from October 9, we will not have SJ Club but will being holding a new church gathering at 3pm in the afternoon. See the church diary for up to date event details.

We welcome anyone to come along on any a Sunday morning.  Why not give it a try? You can complete a registration form here: Children's Registration form


SJ Club is led by Tim Blake and a team of experienced children’s leaders who have a minimum of Basic Awareness Safeguarding Training, are checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service and receive ongoing training in their work. 

Our Values

The culture we want to create

Teammates with Jesus

  • We exist because God loves children… We believe that God is at work in and through children, that he thinks they are wonderful and important and that he holds and protects them in his mighty wings. 
  • We believe that children can take part in the building Jesus’ kingdom now and are active members of the family of God locally and globally 
  • We love God the Father, His risen son Jesus, His Spirit and His word given to us in the Bible 
  • We seek to work in partnership with parents in growing our children’s faith

Gate openers and companions

  • Our ministry is not to the children, but alongside them as we seek to
      • meet with God together, 
      • deepen our faith in him 
      • and ride the Jesus trail every day of the week
  • We recognise that we are all on a journey of transformation to becoming more like Jesus.
  • We recognise and encourage children to minister to one another and to the leaders


    • We expect to be changed as we meet God 
  • We are ready to hear from God through each other both child and adult. 
  • We love God’s world and look to find him in the world around us. 
  • We depend on God knowing that ‘With God’s power working in(side) us, he can do much, much more than anything we can ask or think of (imagine) Ephesians 3.20

Our age groups

St Andrew’s Seedlings (crèche, 0-4’s)

For the youngest children among us. They are cared for by a variety of older and younger people who help them to see that a loving God made them and the world we live in. The team includes Rachel, Sue and Sarah and Zoe from our midweek under fives groups. 

JIGSAW (Jesus is Great Super Awesome Wonderful) (5-7’s)

For Infants (school years 1&2). Led again by experienced children’s workers, our 5-7 year olds enjoy singing, acting, reading, making and much more as they begin to discover who Jesus is and that He wants to be their friend for ever.The JIGSAW team includes; Rachel,  Rebecca and Tim Blake

K4J (Kid’s for Jesus) (7-9’s) 

For children in school years 3-5. The children explore the truths of the Bible, and what this means for them, through games, discussion, drama, crafts and much more. The K4J team includes;  Rob, Tim C and Tim Blake

Strawberry Juice (10-11’s)

For children in school years 5 and 6. The children explore the truths of the Bible, and what this means for them, through games, discussion, drama, crafts and much more. The Strawberry Juice team includes;  Chris, Tim Blake and Eileen.


If you are planning to be at SJ Club for the first time, please download, fill out and bring with you an SJ Club registration form: Children's Registration form