Prayer Cave Time

Perhaps with song, ‘He is here’ (by Nick & Becky Drake) at the start 

Or play a reflective song inside the cave e.g. ‘When you are sleeping’ (by Nick & Becky Drake)

  1. Make ‘Caves’ out of tables, chairs and blankets or pop up tents or anything you can find. If there is not enough for everyone, explain the activity as below and let them go one at a time during your session (have other activities to rotate around)
    1. For Acorns, they could be encouraged to be quiet and still as they are colouring, or something else with their hands
  2. Listen to your breathing and other sounds in the room. As you breath, think about God being everywhere and that he gives us our breath. Find a comfy position
  3. Repeat a simple prayer e.g. ‘Here I am Lord’ or Speak Lord, I am your servant and I am listening’ or ‘Jesus’. If your mind wanders, just say this some more
  4. Encourage the children that they can take this ‘cave of the heart’ or ‘prayer space’ or ‘sacred space’ with them anywhere. You could do this by letting them find a space someone in the room, or outside, draw an imaginary circle around themselves and then do 2 and 3 above.

There are ‘Be Still’ Prayer Cards in the filing cabinet upstairs in the Stable Rooms that read:

This is a most special place – some might call it “Holy”. For hundreds of years people have discovered that being peaceful enables them to be more aware of God.

In our busy world, this isn’t easy. This is a place to be still. To be at peace. There is no need to talk, no need to do anything. Just “be”.


In their books, find some blank pages, maybe at the back. Create a title page e.g. ‘My Listening to God Journal’ + an image, and then write to God whatever they want

Download Prayer Cave Time