Ideas from Debbie at the Diocese

Mission Shaped Mission Course

Is your church looking for new ways of developing mission? Would you value the opportunity to hear from those who have pioneered new ways of working with people in their local communities? There are twelve free places available! To find out more, visit

With a booking form here:

Resources for Creative prayer

I love finding new resources via pinterest! Lots of creative ideas that I have collected will be found on my link. If you click on the picture, it will take you another page, then click again to take you to the original site and it will explain the idea. You will need to set up your own account if you want to ‘pin’ or ‘follow’ my boards. It’s great, try it!


This is an interesting website. Packs of 52 ideas for prayer and other activities as a handy playing card sized resource. Can be used either at home or as part of a children’s group.


There are also lots of original ideas for prayers here to encourage families to pray (you may need to scroll down as the first ideas are currently winter themed)


If you’re planning a prayer event for children in school, prayer spaces have listed their top ten ideas that work


Other ideas to try in school here as well


This is one of my favourite sites. It has a wealth of ideas and is always worth a visit. There is a list of ideas here and you click on the link below each picture and it tells you how to use it.


And there are lots more listed here…


And here…


Working with under 5s

Tiddlywinks is a good resource to be aware of. There is a book of prayer ideas here


And here are some useful prayer ideas


A website dedicated to under 5s ministry. Select prayer and follow the links


A few ideas for you to try out here


Idea for praying through the parable of the sower


This site has ideas for all ages (as well as intergenerational) and may need a bit of a ‘trawl’ but some of the suggestions are fantastic

eg: Interactive Prayer Stations for Toddlers; Feeding 5,000


Prayer is all about enjoying a close relationship with God. What might we do differently to help the children we work with come closer to Him?