Charities Supported

Each year at its November meeting the PCC decides on the mission and charitable causes that we should support as a church. The PCC aims to have a balance of local, national and international causes and to give both to explicitly Christian mission and to good causes that fulfil our desire to work for the wellbeing of all. We try to make a significant difference to a small number of causes (rather than spreading our support thinly) and make a commitment for several years when needed. Some of these organisations and causes (such as ICS and CPAS) we have supported for many years, others are those that church members have suggested or are involved with. Our aim with all is to develop a relationship of accountability and trust which we do by praying regularly for them, receiving updates on how our contributions are being spent and hosting speakers. This year we are pleased to support the following as a church:

IVC Chaplain: this role, which up till now has been funded by a gift and then a legacy to Impington Church, is now growing and needs significant further funding. We are doing this in partnership with the other churches in the village who are all contributing. The chaplain is greatly valued by the headteacher and staff as well as the pupils.

HICOM Mental Wellbeing Worker: Histon and Impington Community (a registered charity) is well known in the village for providing the minibus and the Older Persons’ Co-ordinator as well as other services. Our support will help provide the funds needed to employ the Mental Wellbeing Co-ordinator who works across the village (especially in the schools). You can find out more about their role at:

Agape: this is a Christian mission organisation that seeks to bring people to faith in Christ both in the UK and internationally. Our own Tabitha Jorden has worked for them for several years in East Asia. See for more information.

Intercontinental Church Society (ICS): ICS is an international Church of England mission agency to English-speakers who live, study, work or holiday abroad in countries where English is not the main language. We have longstanding links with the ICS chaplaincy in Freiburg, Germany and more recently with Holy Trinity, Brussels. You can find out more at:

Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS): CPAS works to enable mission in churches across the UK. We regularly make use of their training and teaching materials and they also operate as the patrons of St Andrew’s, working with us in appointing a new incumbent (when necessary!). You can find out more at:

Blue Smile: this is a local charity which has its roots in our Junior School and now works across Cambridgeshire providing counselling and support to children under 13 who have mental health difficulties. Some of our church children receive regular support from them which is delivered through local schools. You can find out more at:

Street Pastors: this charity works in cities across the UK seeking to pastor those who are vulnerable on the streets. Volunteers (we have several from the St Andrew’s congregation who serve in Cambridge) provide physical and emotional support in times of crisis. See for more information.