Rwanda Link

166151_1394021414848Rwanda is a beautiful land of a thousand hills, but also a country still recovering with stories of reconciliation that challenge all who hear. We have a Diocese to Diocese link between Ely and Kigali and at St Andrew’s we have a parish to parish link with Kicukiro Parish in Kigali.

April 2018 Update

65 Anglican churches in Kigali have been forced to close because of stringent new building regulations.

Peter Wood and Hugh McCurdy are cycling 340km of Le Tour de Manche at the end of April to raise funds to help them to reopen.

Visit for more information and to make a donation.

YouTube Channel

A new YouTube channel is being created to enhance our links and facilitate the exchange of news with the Kicukiro Parish in Kigali. It is an opportunity to share a two or three minute clip talking about what God is doing in the life of St Andrew’s, sharing our personal stories of faith and anything else you think the people of Kicukiro would find interesting. It is easy to take video clips using a mobile phone. If you need help with this, please do ask a young person. For further information contact Kieran or the office.

The Kigali YouTube channel can be found at

Here are greetings from Rev. Joas Mukiza, the new pastor of Kicukiro parish

Histon and Impington Rwanda Link Initial Visit – June 2014

This visit was to  begin building relationships between key people and explore what concrete shape a link, based upon learning, sharing and encouraging one another in mission and ministry between the parishes might look like. A group of representatives went to look at different aspects of a potential link from both Histon and Impington: Richard Kellow, Peter Wood, Nina Northfield, Lorna Wood, Ruth Skinner & Tim Blake. Now the link is established there are ongoing opportunities for us to both receive Rwandans here and also for us to visit Rwanda.