Advent Windows

The Advent Window Trail

Each day, beginning on Sunday 29 November (Advent Sunday) we will be opening or lighting up a new Advent Window somewhere in our villages. We hope that this will be a little gift of joy to you this year. These will often be Stained Glass windows but sometimes made in other creative ways so stay alert and keep your eyes open! There will also be purple crowns and hidden letters to search for in the windows. These letter will make some the names of some of the Nativity characters when unjumbled.

You can either go out every day to look for them or search for a few at one time. They will be lit from 5-8pm each day. They will all end on January 5, the 12th day of Christmas! We are grouping them together in four rough areas so that if you do a few at a time you won’t be walking or cycling across the village and back again several times! And don’t feel you have to do them in order as they are not designed that way. If you would like to hear the Christmas Story in order, please do look up our daily Meet the Nativity Videos on YouTube

Advent Window Trail Instructions

Advent Window Trail Instructions all weeks Click to download and print

Christingle lockdown style

Meet the Nativity short films

And here is a link to the YouTube playlist where we will put a new part of the Christmas story each day from Tuesday 1 December.