Youth Work at St Andrew's Church, Histon

EDGE is the name for most of our youth work. Just as our lives have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, so has the way we are able to meet together. On this page you will find information about: the groups we are continuing to run regularly, whether we're meeting online or in-person; other opportunities for young people to connect with us and be supported by our youth team; and recent posts from our Instagram feed to give you a idea of what we're up to. For more information about our youth work, including details of how to join in online, please contact Clare, our Youth Team Leader.

Regular Groups Meeting Online or In-Person

EDGE Sunday

Sundays, 10.45am at the Saint Andrew's Centre
For anyone in school years 7–13

At EDGE Sunday we spend time learning from the Bible together. We generally start with a game that everyone can join in with and an icebreaker question that helps us get to know each other. Then we look a Bible passage on a particular theme and consider another question in discussion groups. These discussion groups are a key part of our EDGE Sunday sessions, we use them to create space to think about what this all means for our lives today and opportunities to ask honest questions. If you’re interested in spending some time thinking about the Christian faith and how the teaching from the Bible is relevant today, then this group is for you!

You currently need to book to attend EDGE Sunday, please contact Clare for more information.

Under 'normal' circumstances, EDGE Sunday would be part of our 10.45am service at St Andrew's Church, Histon. We would start at the Church for the first part of the service and then walk down to the Saint Andrew’s Centre. 


Mondays, 7.30pm at the Saint Andrew's Centre
For anyone in school years 10–13

EDGE Frog is a discipleship group for those in school years 10-13 who are discovering what it looks like to follow Jesus today. Together we try and work out what the Bible teaches us about our lives, often starting our discussions with the question 'what does the Bible have to say about...?' Topics so far have ranged from food to world leaders and we've also looked at what the Bible has to say to us about our lives in lockdown.


Thursdays, 3.30pm at Saint Andrew's Café
For anyone in school years 7–13

Drop in to EDGE Café after school on a Thursday afternoon. Bring your friends along if you like, or come to meet new people. Our youth leaders will be there to greet you from 3.30pm. The café will serve until 4.30pm and closes at 5pm. EDGE Café is a space to chat and play games together. We'll have a range of games on the café tables for you to choose from. I'm sure we'll also play some of our favourites including Mafia, Among Us and Kahoot. Don't forget to bring some money with you if you'd like to buy a drink and/or cake.

Other Opportunities To Connect With Us

WHAM Small Groups

We have a microwave. We have a meaning. We have a moose... Two of those statements are true! WHAM began as discipleship group and has now developed into a support network for young people in school years 11–13. If you'd like to meet with a member of our youth team one-to-one or connect with others your age please get in touch.

Kintsugi Hope
Youth Wellbeing Groups

We are committed to helping young people to invest in their mental and emotional wellbeing. A Kintsugi Hope Youth Wellbeing Group aims to create a safe space where young people can share their own experiences and support each other. Contact us to find out more.

Things To Do At Home

Take Heart Podcast

This is a new daily podcast from Soul Survivor, with contributions from Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft. You can listen to the full selection of podcasts on Soul Survivor Watford's website, or watch the latest episodes on YouTube.


Headstrong is a site for young people all about what it means to live well in whatever life throws at you—the good times and the tougher stuff. Headstrong is about sharing great ideas, tools, tips and tricks to help you feel better and look after your brain.

Intro Outro

Intro Outro is a YouTube channel specifically for young people, made by Youth For Christ. We regularly watch these videos at EDGE Thursday—You can find them for yourself by following this link.

All our youth leaders are DBS checked and safeguarding trained. More information, including a copy of our Safeguarding Policy, can be found on our safeguarding page. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our safeguarding team.