Study Notes

All Loves Excelling

Here is the “All Loves Excelling” Lent Course for 2017 – studies in the Letter to the Philippians.

These five studies take us through the whole of the letter to the Philippians. The material is designed to be easy to use, with ideas for prayer activities, led reflections and questions for discussion.

You can download the pdf here

Count Your Blessings

As a church we are trying to follow the Count Your Blessings Lent devotion/action plan. The adult version was given out as paper copies on Sunday 5 March and there is an accompanying children/family orientated version that you can download or view in a browser at high resolution. It’s originally an A2 document and comes out pretty small if you print A4 but it is useable like that if you prefer paper and haven’t got an A3 or A2 printer! count-your-blessings-lent-calendar-2017-children_1