Here is where we publish recordings of the sermons from Sunday services.  They are intended for those who may have missed the services or want to check again what they heard. In some cases we may also include notes from the preachers that are provided ‘as-is’, and vary from being outline briefs to word for word articles.

Not all sermons will be published here and it is at the discretion of the preacher.  Also, they will only be available for a few weeks as it is considered that they are largely preached into a given context and for a specific time and reason.

2019/01/06 0915Nigel WalterEpiphany. Ephesians 3.1-12, Matthew 2.1-1215.2 MB
2019/01/13 0915Kieran DouglassEpiphany 2. Luke 3.15-17,21-22
Baptism of Christ
18.4 MB
2019/01/20 0915James Blandford-BakerEpiphany 3  1 Corinthians 12.1–11; John 2.1–11    Wedding at Cana  (Readings not recorded)16.9 MB
2019/01/27 0915Kieran DouglassFourth Sunday of Epiphany
1 Corinthians 12.12–31a; Luke 4.14–21
23.2 MB
2019/02/04 0915James Blandford-BakerThe Presentation of Christ in the Temple  Hebrews 11.1–2, 8–19  Luke 2.22–4022.8 MB
2019/02/10 0915Kieran DouglassIsaiah 6.1–13  Luke 5.1–1127.8 MB
2019/02/17 0915James Blandford-BakerThird Sunday before Lent  Jeremiah 17.5–10 Luke 6.17–2619.6 MB
2019/02/17 1045James Blandford-BakerThird Sunday before Lent    Jeremiah 17.5–10 Luke 6.17–2624.7 MB