Super Jesus Club

Super Jesus Club is the name for our events with children on Sunday mornings during Church. The children are with the adults for 15–20 minutes before moving to the Stable Rooms for their own exciting programme. On the first Sunday of the month we have an All Age Service in the church.


Overarching aim: to nurture and disciple children in their faith so that they come to know Jesus as their saviour, Lord and forever friend

  • to enable the children to have meaningful and memorable encounters with God (rather than considering them primarily as ‘vessels to be filled’ with knowledge about God)
  • to encourage the children to think about bible stories and scripture for themselves, asking questions and finding meaning, developing their own spiritual toolkit

What we do

We begin in our groups looking at the Bible story for the day.  The children then split into groups where they can choose from a variety of activities one that suits the way that they wish to respond. These activities relate to the story or theme of the day and can include craft, games, discussion and talking with God. The focus of these times is to reflect and respond to the Bible story or words that they have just heard. We finish with all the 5–11s together for a time of presenting what the groups have done, singing, birthdays, and sometimes other presentations.

We welcome you to come along on any Sunday morning.  Why not give it a try?

SJ Club is led by Tim Blake and a team of experienced children’s workers who are checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service and receive ongoing training in their work.

Values and Expectations

  • Values over rules: We are here to meet with God, learn from each other, love each other as Jesus loves us: this is a special, sacred space’
  • 3 Values/Expectations:
    • Good listening: When an adult is talking, children are listening, not talking. When a child is talking, everyone is listening, not talking
    • What’s yours is yours – covers keeping hands & feet to yourself etc
    • Be kind and respectful
  • The children serve each other e.g. by doing jobs that rotate each week

St Andrew’s Seedlings (crèche, 0-3’s)

For under 3’s. The Seedlings team is led by Helen Blake and is a mixture of free play, guided play, stories, singing and crafts all played out within a caring environment that values each and every child. The Seedlings team includes; Lucy & Tim Callington, Nic Nevin and Deborah Evans. Seedlings meet in the crèche downstairs in the Stable Room. The rota can be viewed here.

Acorns (3-4’s)

For Nursery and Reception children. The children enjoy acting out Bible stories, singing, playing and making. They are cared for by a variety of older and younger people who help them to see that a loving God made them and the world we live in. The Acorns team includes Liz Crook and Rachel McKinley. The Acorns group space is in the ‘old office’ in the Stable Room

JIGSAW (Jesus is Great Super Awesome Wonderful) (5-7’s)

For Infants (school years 1&2). Led again by experienced children’s workers, our 5-7 year olds enjoy singing, acting, reading, making and much more as they begin to discover who Jesus is and that He wants to be their friend for ever.The JIGSAW team includes;  Rebecca Strivens and Rob McKinley. The JIGSAW group space is upstairs in the Stable Room

K4J (Kid’s for Jesus) (7-9’s)

For children in school years 3 and 4. The children explore the truths of the Bible, and what this means for them, through games, discussion, drama, crafts and much more. The K4J team includes; Stuart Norris and Tim Blake. The K4J group space is downstairs in the Stable Room

Strawberry Juice (9-11’s)

For children in school years 5 and 6. The children explore the truths of the Bible, and what this means for them, through games, discussion, drama, crafts and much more. The Strawberry Juice team includes; Eileen Smallwood and Chris Cox. The Strawberry Juice group space is the ‘den’ upstairs in the Stable Room.


If you are planning to be at SJ Club for the first time, please download, fill out and bring with you an SJ Club registration form:

SJ Club specific consent form


the gaffer: Tim Blake

Seedlings Crèche: Team Leader – Helen Blake

Leaders:  Nic Nevin, Deborah Evans, Zoë Shuler

Junior Team: Dani, Mesha, Thomas

Acorns Team: Rachel McKinley, Liz Crook and Claire MacDonald

Junior Team: Anna Strivens

JIGSAW Team: Rebecca Strivens, Rob Mckinley

Junior Team:

K4J Team: Stuart Norris, Tim Callington

Junior Team:

Strawberry Juice Team: Eileen Milner, Chris Cox