Tim and Rachel as Ivan and Clara in Factory Rock 2021

Holiday Club 2023 initial details

Dates: Tuesday 25 July to either Thursday 27 or Friday 28 tbc and will likely follow the same broad shape as 2022 -see below:

What is it?   Holiday Club is an annual adventure full of Bible stories, songs, drama, messy challenges, quizzes, games, craft, prayers and quieter times too!  It is run by Churches Together in Histon and Impington. 

Timing:  Registration begins at 10am and we finish at 12:30pm. 

Where does it happen? Histon Baptist Church

Who can come?  Children who are currently in school years Reception up to Year 6. We hope to cater for children with most special needs. Please pre-arrange this with us.  

How can I sign my children up? Click Here!

Do I have to pay?  Holiday Club is sponsored by Churches Together in Histon and Impington. We welcome donations to help with our running costs: whatever you think you can afford.  A suggested donation would be £15 per first child, then £10 for other children in the same family. We will have a card reader available at Registration during the week. We can accept cheques payable to Churches Together or cash. There is also the option of bank transfer to:

Account: Churches Together in Histon and Impington
Sort Code: 20-17-19
Account: 00480711
Reference: Donation


What do I bring?  Children should bring a hat in hot weather and wear sun-cream etc. Bring a bottle of drink.

Refreshments:  We will provide drink top-ups and a biscuit mid-morning and we finish in time for the children to go home for lunch.  

Clothing: no special clothes are required, but please bear in mind that activities involve being active and making stuff.

Health: First Aid trained staff will be on hand to attend to first-aid needs.  If your child needs to take any medication during the sessions, we will require written permission for a qualified First Aider on site to administer this. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tim Blake on 07905 321 901 tim@standrewshiston.org 

We look forward to welcoming you to Catastrophe Castle!

Holiday Club 2022 visited Catastrophe Castle!

The Churches Together in Histon and Impington are delighted and excited to announce that we will be running a Holiday Club once again this summer. We are going to run for three days from July 26-28, 10am-12.30pm.  
Our theme this year is ‘Catastrophe Castle’. The action is set in a Fairytale land where a group of unlikely dragon-slayers are on a journey to Catastrophe Castle, to try their hand at slaying the fearsome dragon who has put the King under a sleeping spell and locked him in a tower. Our three heroes are all misfits - there’s Oopsy-Daisy who’s super clumsy…Grumpy Gordon - half human, half donkey and H8PO, an alien robot from Planet Sci-fi. Our heroes have never felt like they’ve fitted in, but as they journey together through the Fairytale Kingdom, they meet some interesting characters and work together to save the day.

Every day the characters, along with the children, will hear true stories from the Bible about people who didn’t fit in either and they’ll be learning about how Jesus loved them, welcomed them and restored them to society. We hope to share with the children the amazing truth that there is a real Kingdom - God’s Kingdom - where everyone is loved and welcomed, where no-one gets left out.

There will be Bible stories, singing, drama, games, messy challenges, crafts, chill out times and some more Wonky-Donkey Olympics! It’s a safe place to be with friends and to make new ones, to try some new activities and some you already enjoy. We aim to make Holiday Club as inclusive as possible to all children including those with special needs. Please get in touch if you would like more information. 

To find out more get in touch with either Tim Blake (tim@standrewshiston.org), Georgina Symons, Rachel Carr.