Easter Adventure Trail

In Search of Easter

Instruction Sheet. Click the download button for full details and a map of the search area:

A trail/hunt around our villages to discover what Easter is all about in a fun and gentle way. Walk, ride or scoot your way around!

About this Event

‘In Search of Easter’ is open to all children in our villages and should particularly suit 4-12 year olds. There is no charge.

Run by the Holiday Club Team, there will be 6 stations/clues to find where there are short films to watch and an activity to do. At the last station there is an Easter Goodie Bag which will include chocolate eggs!

It’s a great chance to get outside, do some exercise, have some fun and discover the incredible life-changing story that is the reason for Easter.

Register for the event on Eventbrite via the link below. Contact Tim for more details