Stewardship is about how we use the resources the Lord has entrusted to us for His purposes. Details of our approach and the ways to give are in this leaflet:

Download the Giving to St Andrew’s Leaflet here

Ways to give

  • Direct Debit (Regular payment) through the Parish Giving Scheme. Contact the Church Office for a PGS gift form. The unique feature of the scheme is the option for donors to commit in principle to increase their gift annually in line with inflation. Whilst this is a voluntary decision, it is one that could potentially have a huge impact on the life and future of the church.
  • Standing Order (Regular Payment) from your bank. Complete our Bank Standing Order Form and send it to your bank. Details for internet banking are also on this form.
  • Give As You Earn via your employer and deducted from salary before tax.
  • Agencies such as the Charites Aid Foundation or Stewardship Services. The tax is reclaimed by the agency.

Allow us to reclaim the income tax you have already paid (worth £25 for every £100 you give) by completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form.


Here is an outline of the proposed 3 year budget for 2018-2020 Finance Leaflet